Day Five - The Day It Rained

Woke to heavy, icy rain. I foraged for coffee in the downpour. It’s not for me to say I’m a champion (I’m a champion). I mad a sausage sandwich and set the smoke detector off (diminishing my champion status).

My right leg tendon (probably) is still quite painful. No idea what I did. Tiger balm, painkillers and a bit of a rest during the morning.

I was looking into where we could get some morning pancakes and saw an Ethiopian restaurant that is close by. I was looking through their beer list thinking that Victory Golden Monkey sounds like the best beer name ever, but then I saw that next to it was a beer called Smuttynose Old Brown Dog . I now can’t live my life without a bottle of Smuttynose.

A late start to the day because the pain in my leg. We decided to go to the Museum of Modern Art. On the way a bookstore was spied, and a bookstore should never not be looked into.


As you walk through the city you see a lot of signs telling you not to park because of upcoming filming days. Within a five minute stretch of walking there were three. “Blue Bloods”, “Millions” and “The Undoing”.


Had a late breakfast/early lunch at Nectar on Madison Avenue. The coffee was a n

Due to a confusing sign (okay, it wasn’t the sign - it was me) we ended up the Met instead of MoMA.


A beer at a place called “Radio Amsterdam” but mainly because my leg was really hurting and I wanted to sit down.


Passed a “Banksy” on the way back covered by perspex to protect it. I’m not wholly convinced it is a Banksy. What do you think?