Day 4 - Stykkishólmur, Iceland

Woke to a much colder, windier, wetter, blusterer morning. The vague plan was just get in the car and drive in the opposite direction to normal. A crazy, foolhardy plan. But a plan.


The first thing we came across was a graveyard (not church though). Who doesn’t like a graveyard?


Into Stykkishólmur. Car filled up with yet more petrol.

When in Iceland… a Belgian bun. Coffee and the World’s stickiest bun at Nesbrauð Cafe.

In the distance we could see Stykkishólmur church, but try as we might we couldn’t find the road that led up to it. A series of dead ends.


It never takes us long to hit another bit of coast.


If you don’t want to imagine what hundreds of dead starfish in a skip might look like then look away now.


Popped down a side path and found a couple of heads on poles. Perhaps not the most welcoming of sights.


Drove home. Can you see the house? It’s the red one.