Day 2 - Grundarfjörður, Iceland

A short thirty minute drive into Grundarfjörður. The landscape on the drive over felt as thought it was caused by volcanoes then taken over by moss. Can someone check that for me, please?


A hike (okay, just about forty-five minutes - shut up) to a waterfall. The sky was annoyingly pale.


Coffee, yoghurt and a cold drink at Cafe Emil which managed to combine a library, coffee shop, museum and photography exhibition in one. A look at Grundarfjörður church (closed, of course).


“Kirkjufell, or 'Church Mountain', is a distinctly shaped peak found on the north shore of Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula, only a short distance away from the town of Grundarfjörður.”


Flights, Cars, Accommodation, Money, etc.

The plans so far are:

In Iceland we’ll drive a couple of hours to the famous mountain “Kirkjufell” then cross East towards the glaciers.

In Toronto we’ll drive to Niagara and stay around there.

Then onto Cuba. I guess we’ll predominantly stay around Havana.

✔ Flights booked - Iceland, Canada (Toronto) and Iceland.

✔ Canadian Visa - Accepted

✔ Cuban Visa - Form complete, Postal Cheques picked up

✔ Ordered 30,000 Icelandic Króna.

✔ Booked hotel in Iceland.

✔ Booked flat in Cuba.

✔ Car hired for Iceland.

✔ Car hired for Canada.

Cuban currency (CUC) will be exchanged at the airport.