Day 1 - Iceland


Up at 3am. Taxi at 4am. Bouncing over a slick motorway through the rain.

Landed in Reykjavik but had to sit around on the tarmac as someone had become ill and the paramedics treated them before taking them away in an ambulance.

Almost two hours to get the hire car because apparently a storm had stopped flights for a couple of days and they had a backlog. Eventually got the car and if you think you’ve ever had a worse hire car than this one then I had a bet to make with you. Rusty, cracked windscreen and a clutch so unresponsive I genuinely just figured the car didn’t work.

We picked up some food at Bonus Supermarket (as it’s supposed to be the cheap place to shop). About £50 for our snacks, bacon, pasta, milk, noodles, etc.


A good three hour drive in total through nice scenery and we FINALLY go to the nicely remote house in Snæfellsnes. Also, see below the crappy hire car - do please feel free to call it names.

Allergies aside, it’s nice to see horses out of the house window.