Day 6 - Iceland / Toronto, Canada

The thing that always struck as about the house in Iceland is that however windy is was - and it was REALLY windy - you couldn’t hear a thing inside. Therefore, disappointing to note that the whole house rattled with the ferocious winds on the night we needed sleep as we were getting up before 3am to drive to the airport. The thought of a really high winds, gravel paths and no lit roads didn’t fill me with joy.

Spoiler Alert: We didn’t die.

Got an uncomfy plane and five and a half hours later we landed in Toronto.

Had some lunch in a place called Grimsby.

Found a little shop called “Walmart” and picked up bread, cheese, eggs, coffee, etc.

Found the house, which is lovely.


Walked down main street. Had a beer at “Knuckleheads". Lots of houses had Halloween decorations up.

Noticed that the Cardiac Diagnostic Clinic is opposite the Funeral Home