Saturday of Week 2

Last night was a party - a street party - competing noise blasted through every wall. There has been a festival for the past week so maybe it is all linked to that. We have 5 rooms in this appartment and every room blasted out different songs. Disco party in the bathroom was my favorite. We knew we wouldnt be able to sleep but weirdly we did! Those noise cancelling headphones are amazing. There was a party over the back, and man alive it turned into a slap fight about 11pm, many raised voices but the word "Maria" was frequently shouted so we think it was all about Maria. This soon settled and we were out like lights waking way past the cockerals.

We needed more supplies, and after picking up a handful, I made Matt a Burger and he was mighty pleased and hasnt stopped grinning since.

We walked up to the market, and on the way I picked up the tiniest kitten who just walked up to us squeaking. There are a whole pile in a nice park and my heart was torn - I just wanted to race back to the appt and empty the fridge (sadly Matt's burgers were in his tummy so were safe). I vowed to go back after the shop and find something to feed them, but on the return journey a lovely lady was feeding them all and I was relieved indeed. When did I turn into a cat lady? I think I am missing Wombat way too much. At the market we haggled so I could pick out a few things to bring back home, and then we accidentally fell into a Bar and we had two beers, it is easy to say beer and stick up two fingers and repeat a second time for the next round. The walk home was a bit of a blur (Matt took care of crossing roads for us).

Oh yes and now I have eggs.. Eggcellent. Eggciting. Honestly the basics are hard to find.