Day 12 - Dunedin to Bluff (and back again)

A day of a BAFD (Big Arse Freaking Drive). From the hotel/apartment thing in Dunedin to the Southernmost point in Bluff and back again. But first, apparently, Milton. We stopped off in Milton and had a disappointing breakfast. I misread a sign for the “Toko pistol club” and the “Tokyo Pistol Club” which needs to be the title of a James Bond novel or a bar in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Within a couple of hours we hit Invercargill and never let the opportunity for more eggs on toast to pass. The Zookeeper’s Cafe had an elephant on the roof and I think we can all agree that means the coffee must be good.


Breakfast 2.0 consumed a walk up and down the high street and a warm hat was purchased. It was red. I know you were wondering.

Bluff was twenty minutes away and it would have rude not to have gone as far South as you can go without a boat. We drove up and up and up and up until the Bluff Hill Motupōhue Viewing Platform. It was windy. Really windy. I could have died. *

* I couldn’t have died, but it WAS windy.


Another BAFD via a supermarket for food (since we have a proper oven) and bed by 9:30pm because old / tired.