About the journey

Today was about the journey.  We started with a drive over to the Georgia O'Keeffe museum as it was a fifteen minute drive up the road from the hotel.  After a wander round the paintings we saw she had a house called Ghost Ranch out in a town called Abiquiu.  Based on her paintings we knew the scenery was great out that way so we decided to take a detour from our final destination of Gallup.  On the way through our detour we saw a sign to Los Alamos where the developed the Nuclear Bomb, so we took a detour from a detour.  More amazing scenery.  Climbing the winding roads (pretty high at 7,320 feet) there was a stopping off point that looking out at THIS.  So, all in all, a good day.


Back in the car and onto the original detour towards Abiquiu.  More great scenery, but a lot of driving.  Abiquiu was kind of okay, the journey to it was better than the place itself.  We were disappointed to learn that we now had three hours of driving get to the hotel in Gallup.

At various points there were signs saying you must obey both Federal and Tribal Law.  Not sure what specific tribal laws there were.  Being the good, law-abiding citizens we are I'm sure all was good.

We hit the first traffic jam of the trip.  Six lanes of Albuquerque fun trying to get from one land to another with people doing their utmost not to let you.

A lovely day of scenery and lots of good photographing and we drove over the Rio Grand - twice, but I think we drove about 350 miles in total - so ended up pretty tired.