We both woke up early again (6:30am) so we were more than ready to set off by 8:30am.  A slow drive out of the Tucamcari taking lots of photos as we went.  A rest stop at Newkirk, through Cuervo (though not related to Tequila).  At Santa Rosa we came off Route 66 and headed South towards Roswell.

At Pastura I went to take photos of a broken down shack, and Jane crossed the road to photograph cows.  At Vaughan there were lots of photo opportunities, though one was guarded by a roaming dog so we stayed in the car for that one.  Across the road was Penny's Diner so we grabbed a nice lunch before the rather long, uneventful drive down to Roswell which was pretty much a hundred miles in a dead straight line.  Threw the car into cruise control and tried not to nod off.

Finally getting to Roswell we checked in, put the cases into the room then drove to the UFO museum.  A weather balloon crashed, someone took it away and I assume pretty quickly someone decided to start making merchandise.  Everything is covered in aliens.  Everything.

It was the Trump/Clinton debate which we were looking forward to,  but you don't want to watch Trump without a drink in hand so we bought a couple of bottles to take back to the motel.