Cowboys and Colourful Cars


We were in Texas on a Sunday so we decided to go to a Cowboy Church.  We figured it was like a normal church but with bigger hats (if you discount the Pope who packs what must surely fill about fourteen gallons).  We were warmly welcomed by many, many people.  In my limited experience of English services it was different.  A lot of guitar, a man with an outdoor voice inside and the crowd whooping and holding their hands in the air.  It felt quite like an episode of the x-factor (but with more scripture).  We were pleased we went though.

Onwards to try and find the Cadillac ranch.  There wasn't a specific address to head towards so their was some t-turning involved and you can't see it from the wrong side of the road (which we were on) but we got there in the end.  Someone leaving handed me an aerosol spray so I sauntered up the mud path towards the cars and sprayed 'Trump Sucks' on a car, which seemed appropriate in the current climate.  Another visit had spent some time spraying over all of the Pro-Trump messages.

Yesterday, while at the Red River Cafe a couple told us that we were close to the Palo Duro canyon and that it was the second biggest after the Grand Canyon, so we drove over, paid the $10 to get into the national park and enjoyed the view.

A re-fuel then onto Adrian as there's a cafe on the mid-point of Route 66.  Called, as you may expect, the mid-point cafe.  So we're half way there and nine days in of twenty-one.

Many abandoned gas stations later and we crossed the border into New Mexico.  A new timezone and state number six.  We drove as far as a town called Tumacari and found a nice motel called the Roadrunner Inn.

As the sun went down the eagles circled around the Tucamari mountain, and we walked along looking at the nice neon signs on the main street.