The town that fruit forgot

Waking up just over the Texan border we did some calculations to see how we were doing.  Though Texas is HUGE it's actually for the second shortest stretch of Route 66 (after Kansas).  According to my calculations via the major towns (seven of them) and using the GPS it's just 104 miles and slightly less than two hours if we didn't stop.

We figured we'd rest up and have a non-driving day so we booked a second night at the Route 66 Inn.  Up early, as always, we took a walk up the road to see the Conoco Towers in the day, and had a walk around the museum and talked to the nice, knowledgable volunteers there.

It felt as though we should get some fresh food and asked where the local supermarket was.  Walking back to the car we struck up a conversation with the guy painting a mural on a wall and it turned out to be the artist who has done 90% of the all the murals you see in the area.

Back to the car and supermarket location typed in and GPS followed we were deposited in a decidedly non-shop location so we parked up and went for a walk.  We saw more murals by the artist.  Many (closed) antiques stores, but no supermarket.  We wondered what people do for vitamin C round here.  Giving up we went to the Dollar Store and got some fresh juice, etc. and when paying the cashier explained where the proper store was.  Oh, the site of things without a ten-year best before date... Lovely.  We stocked up and drove back to the room where we had a restful day.