Pushing West

The push to get into the eighth and final state and our third timezone.

Our "bible" the EZ66 Guide said we could take the '66 through the mountains.  There were enough switchbacks that lorries were banned, but steep drops and no barriers - what could go wrong?


On the other side of the drive is Oatman.  A fun (though very touristy town).  Donkeys roamed the one street.  There was a gunfight at midday (never wolf down a burger to go to a gunfight - awful stomach ache).

On through a town called Golden Shores with its small squat buildings.  Seemed liked a poor area, but quite a few people seemed to have boats.  As we drove out we came across a nice big lake and the boats made more sense.

On to Topock which was on the border between Arizona and California.  A cold drink and a sit down and watch the trains going back and forwards across the big iron bridge.

Then - into our last state and checked into the River Valley Motel (the cheapest motel of the trip, but nice).

We couldn't find any motels for tomorrow's stretch so we'll have to wing it.  We'll hit the 3,000 mile mark at some point in the morning.  So, 500+ extra miles so far.