This must be Germany then

German Hotel.jpg

Woke up at 11am. Bitten by bed bugs. A good nights sleep though. It's nice to have a massive sign saying "Hotel" over your hotel. Let there be no one under the impression that it's a butchers shop.

Breakfast in Burger King and an eight hour drive to Prague.

Czech Inn.jpg

We arrived at the "Czech Inn" (See what they did there.  Everyone loves a good pun). They had really nice open plan apartments. Not being due in Klatovy for the "Czech-Out" party until about 7:30pm the following day we decided to spent that day in Prague before driving down to the castle in Klatovy.

Anyone fancy a drive to Mongolia?

Anyone fancy a drive to Mongolia?

After a lap of Goodwood racing circuit we left behind family and friends and towards the channel tunnel.

We got an earlier crossing and before long we were in France.

We drove and drove and drove and by around 3am when we were just too tired to do any more driving we found a very cheap hotel (unmanned, you just push your credit card into a slot and you were allocated a room) and crashed.