Towards Shimkent, Kazakhstan

We stayed on the M32 towards Shymkent. Got some petrol, had a breakfast of what we thought may have been lamb ribs and signed the garage owner's fridge. Got stopped by the police fairly early in the day and showed our documents.

On the way we continued to see people selling watermelons by the side of the road and figured it was about time to buy one.  Figures were drawn in the sand and as far as we could make out they were asking for about fifty dollars.  Perhaps they thought we wanted to buy the van.  We handed over the equivalent of a couple of dollars and for some reason this seemed to equate to about ten massive watermelons.  In a cramped car, or indeed even for a big car that's really nine too many watermelons.

Knackered we treated ourselves to a four star hotel.  £10 a person.  Bargain. *

(* Because two of us booked a double room for £40, then two more sneaked up and we shared the costs.  We are rebels.)