Finding spark plugs in Kazakhstan

So then it's 2pm. Someones car isn't starting so they're off to get some new spark plugs. Fingers crossed because it'd be nice to be getting some miles done.

Why is it raining in Kazakhstan? Surely that can't be right.

Eventually we set off and the zen of driving kicked in.  We drove on a road that I kid you not didn't bend for over four hours (bar the curvature of the Earth, pedants).

Eagles are soared above us.

Most importantly for the day we clocked our 4000th mile. We're halfway (probably) to Mongolia (if not the capital).

What the road lacked in bends it made up for in smoothness.  REALLY smooth.  Good work Kazakhstan.

Every 15 minutes or so people are camped out on what is essentially a motorway selling watermelons. I can't imagine they sell many.

Stopping to eat (and on this trip we really don't eat much at all.) I boiled up some Hot dogs wrapped in tortilla with American mustard. Best campfood yet. Wish I'd dropped less on the floor though.