The countdown has started...

An exciting pre-holiday weekend where I take a tumble down the stairs (practice makes perfect)...  note to self - Slippers are called SLIPpers for a reason.   I now have a stair shaped bruise developing across my bum and my wrist makes an interesting clicking noise.

Went out to buy super grippy shoes.  Those kind of shoes geckos wear when scrambling over rocks the footwear equivalent of snow chains.

I also bought dresses.  Lots of dresses so if I do fall over at least I will look pretty when in hospital.

We have filled up the dining room table with piles of ironing to sort and stuff into a suitcase.  I have just realised that ironing for suitcase packing isn't a great idea as said suitcase will be spinning across the ocean and tumbling about like no one's business before we arrive.  

Late afternoon is spent ghost town hunting from the safety of the sofa.  I found one but Matt has already added it to the Plan of Fun.   We also have dinosaurs in our future and a day going off road to see where Breaking Bad is filmed (second note to self:  pack rations and a pee bottle we may get very lost).   We are also packing a typewriter... more on that later.