Day 6: Friday 13th

As Friday the 13th's go... this was a good one.  We spent two days in the house based in Monticello.   The dog next door still ran at the fence as if it wasn't going to hold it in and barked it's head off but I think we had an understanding.  I stayed on my side, it stayed behind the fence protecting the chickens.

We pottered about and plan ahead as only two future hotels are booked.  We didn't know where we would spend the next night so pulled out the Planning Book, rolled up our sleeves, poured a strong pepsi and got to work.   Colorado was the next state to jump into.   First we looked for Interesting Things to Do... then we looked at times to get there... and finally where we would want to plonk our heads.

We threw a couple of loads of washing through the machines and then went for lunch at the Peace Tree.  I had something wrapped in green stuffed full of green.  It looked like this but tasted way better.


We then went to what looked like a discovery centre but turned out to be a school.  Did an about turn in the car park and took pictures of local landscapes and horses instead.   Did you know horses could have blue eyes?  me neither.  

The internet had advised that petroglyphs were nearby (about 26 miles nearby to be precise) so we had to snap them.  They are unknown etchings carved into a wall.  On the way there we bumped into the Church Rock which is huge and so had to swing off the tarmac onto yet more gravel to take a closer look.  I then managed to smack my head on the car door getting back into the car (note to self: do not align head with the car door when opening it).

church rock.jpg

With my eyeball ringing, we headed off to the see the wall scratchings at Newspaper Rock Archeological site.   The drive climbed again into hills but the trees were a fiery yellow and the leaves were ready to burst off the branches in the Autumn fall.

On the way home we snapped some real cows who stopped the traffic and rushed across the road in bunches of threes and fives.  I made myself jump looking through the camera thinking one was nose to nose with me... but it was ok.  Heartbeat slowed as I realised that the zoom lens was up a cow's nostril.

We pulled off the road and took photos of abandoned buildings.  These were mighty fine and part of the Truth ranch that we on private property.  We kept our feets on the right side of the fence to capture these.


Before getting home, we popped into the local and picked up some beer to help us pack.