Day 11 - Trump Lost

I was there watching the Debate and saw Clinton squash Trump and went to sleep with the issue settled.  I must have woken in a parallel universe, as  Trump was claiming a win.   Only a breakfast at Denny's  would right this weirdness.   Matt and I then hopped back in the car and aimed it back at the Route without an alien hitch hiker. 

Miles and miles of a ribbon road swept us through flat lands back to the mountains and hopefully away from the snakes.  There were some rest stops which were manned and needed an ID.  We were only looking for stops to take photos of the landscape.  It didn't make us uneasy at all pulling out the cameras while we were being observed.   I also figured out the 360 degree picture capture.   I call it the click and twirll.

We did a couple of circuits of Eldorado to grab the right shot.

We are now booked into a hotel in Santa Fe   b had dinner at Applebee's.  My oh my it was a lovely evening.

Matt has spent a good hour and a bit booking UPS to pick up a lost camera tri-pod to ship it for pickup in Hollywood near the end of our trip. Nothing gets left behind.  I want to thank Sarah on reception who pulled out all the stops to help Matt.  Wine to end the day.   Matt is carefully planning the days ahead.