Day Three - Books, Hospital (Don't panic).

A bit of a lay in. Went to get some beer from the shop.

Onto the train and down to 18th Street, then a walk across to Union Square to go book shopping at Strand Books (18 1/2 miles of books). I bought ten books and one Trump Hand (because one Trump Hand is enough for anyone).


A nice vegan lunch of a “Burger over the rainbow” at the Roast Kitchen before heading over to the Bellevue Hospital because the Amazon Show “New Amsterdam” is filmed there. The hospital is actually pretty old by American Standards. The original one was founded on March 31, 1736 and has the honour of being the oldest hospital in the US.

Fun fact: In 2014 the hospital treated New York’s first Ebola patient.


Seeing the sign below I figured it was male and female ambulances, but apparently an ambulette is: “a specially equipped van for transporting disabled or convalescent passengers in non-emergency circumstances.”


A quick timelapse at Grand Central Station then home.