Day 13 - Havana, Cuba

A weekend, so a lay in. Went to the shops and picked up some carrots, limes and onions and a huge tin of tomato puree paste stuff. Then onto the supermarket place where you point out one of the, perhaps, fifteen things they sell in the glass cabinet and someone goes and gets them off the shelf for you. A bit like a food Argos. Milk, orange juice and a tin of peaches. But most excitingly of all - written on a whiteboard; "burger". Two frozen burgers in individual plastic packets slowly getting hotter. Bought them and ran home (okay, no running) because I would have KILLED for a burger. In other news - that shop - God, it's just hot. However hot you're thinking it is - it's hotter. Just five minutes and sweat was dripping from my face onto my shoes. I just don't see how you build up a tolerance to that sort of heat. It was hotter in the shop, than outside (I guess down to the mostly empty fridges). I think ten minutes max and I'd tap out and have to leave. Jane cooked the burgers and it was so nice to have one. Pasta is all very well, but I was really wanting something different.


After the burger we decided to go and get more limes to make whatever drink it was we had yesterday (though the chances of finding somewhere that sells mint is about as likely as finding butter).

Walked North (?) back to the market and bought things to take home. We passed a house that seemed to be a cat sanctuary. Tonnes of cats and kittens lounging about.

Had a beer at the same bar we'd been to last week. As we were drinking crowds started gathering. I went to the roadside and a police were escorting a funeral procession. Everyone started to clap and film it with their phones. It was a singer apparently.


On the return trip we passed the cats and kittens and some kids were causing trouble to the kids so we shooed them away, much to their indifference. A woman was putting out food for them so we gave her 5 CUC for food.

Down a side street with no other shops we came across one that had pallets of eggs. Thousands of the things. It's odd that you can assume something is hard to get then you come across a shop that sells just that one.


Someone knocked on the door with a pen and pad. We said we were English and she went away.

Did I mention I had a cheeseburger. Oh happy day.

p.s. I don't want to worry anyone, but we're running very low on nice coffee.