Day 6 - Iceland hop to Canada

The day started at 2:40 am and we were in the car by 3.07am. The wind was howling. there are no street lights unless you are in the city and to add to the fun, the roads were gravel. A good 3 hours were ahead of us and the wind walloped the car a few times to kick it closer to the airport. We didn’t see a car for the first hour and 20 minutes, and then a smattering before a deluge at Reykjavik.

The flight was very uncomfortable, I did expect more from Air Canada. Squished elbows and knees. for 5 and a half hours.

We picked up a wonderful car at Enterprise and pointed it to the School House and we were not disappointed. I will upload a video later. We took a long overdue bimble to the end of the street and had a bud in Knucklesomething pub.

We have lept back in time but it has already been the longest day - 5 hours behind Iceland and 6 for the UK.