Day 5 - Last full day in Iceland

The cold didn’t let up, topping 3 degrees. The house is cosy warm with thick walls insulating from the harshest of winds and nippyness.

The last day we meandered from one village to another (a cinanbun at the bakery) which was mighty tasty compared to the offer of dried shark meat that is hung for months, looks orange from the outside and super white when you cut into it, it still looked jelly like and whilst tempted, one prod with a stick and it wobbled I decided to give it a pass. Apparently these sharks are no longer hunted and the family now buy sharks caught in the nets which is quite rare as they live between 1 and 3km down in the deep ocean. They don’t have bones, and their spine is cartilage. They have layers of teeth that grow in rows that become saws when chopping up the meats when eating. Not much is known about these sharks, but unless the fish is dried (still jelly blocks), it is poisonous. The museum was dedicated to the family way of life, and had all manner of things on display.

We then popped back to the village with the giant famous hill that looks like a sorting hat. Coffee fended off the rain, then back home to pack and an early night. The wind today is horrendous and really whipped up a storm, howling through the house, not conducive to sleeping. We decided to be on the road by 3am.