And so it begins...

Matt and I wanted a road trip but we wanted a break from Trump's America.  Next on the list was across Europe but three weeks of dodging sheep's brain didn't appeal.

A lovely chap in work suggested New Zealand and I was sold on the photos alone.   Next challenge was to see if Matt was up for it..  I didn't say where - I just gathered the photos together and we played  quiz.  Who knew there were two islands... I didn't.   I am confessing that I didn't know it was Australia's neighbor either - let's get the mocking over now.

We are already mentally packing.

Matt and I then watched lord of the rings, I know we are 17 years late to this party but I liked it a lot.  Matt liked the scenery.


No vaccinations

2 visas

15 to 20 thousand earthquakes a year

Parrots that like to play in the snow

The Southern Lights (the northern lights just upside down)

for every pound you get two New Zealand dollars

4 million people and a few shed full of sheep

Flights are now booked, 35 hours there with a  stopover of 12 hours in China (so we can stretch our legs). and 28 hours back.